Automated workload visibility & protection

Workload visibility & security from the data center to the cloud.

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The problem

Modern compute environments are highly elastic, dynamic, and often automated. But maintaining continuous visibility and protection over workloads in these environments can be a real challenge. Traditional security tools aren’t agile enough, require lots of manual change control, don’t automatically scale, and don’t automatically deploy as systems spin up. Enterprises have trouble meeting the requirements to keep their cloud-based workloads from attack, including visibility into all workloads (no matter where they are), proper configuration, vulnerability management, rapid scaling, and user management.

The solution

The CloudPassage® Halo® automated workload visibility, security, and compliance platform uses an automatically deployed, ultralightweight agent that solves all of these challenges. Because Halo is delivered as a service, it deploys in minutes and returns results in seconds.

Halo includes an open, RESTful API which makes it easy to integrate Halo with a range of SIEM and operational systems. With open-integration APIs, your organization’s security posture data flows can be automated, setting up rich data feeds into any existing SIEM or monitoring systems, ensuring your workloads are continuously protected.

Halo consolidates your traditional security controls into a single platform

Halo provides a broad range of security controls within a single platform that integrates with your existing orchestration tools for seamless workload visibility & protection.

Halo includes:

  • Software vulnerability management
  • Configuration management
  • Strong access control/server account management

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Halo works with everything

Security controls

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)

Events & alerting

Software Configuration Management (SCM)

Software Vulnerability Assessment (SVA)

Log-based Intrusion Detection (LIDS)

Platforms supported


Microsoft Azure




Enterprise integrations






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