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Situational awareness for agile agency IT.

FedRAMP Ready

FedRAMP Accelerated launched in March 2016 to provide a faster, more predictable audit timeline and process for vendors seeking to become ready, in process of, or authorized to serve government agencies. CloudPassage is now listed as one of the few CSPs that are FedRAMP Ready in the FedRAMP Marketplace and is continuing in the next phase of the evaluation process towards “Authorized” status.

CloudPassage is the first Cloud Service Provider (CSP) to achieve FedRAMP Ready status.

Why CloudPassage for Federal?

  • Automate your agencies ATO Process and Compliance
  • Build once use multiple times
  • Pre-built templates for DISA STIGS and NIST 800-53a
  • Deploy Compliance and Security in your DevOps Pipeline
  • Microsegmentation in any Infrastructure environment
  • Works with all FedRAMP IaaS providers
  • In-Q-Tel portfolio company

Security Certifications

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