DevOps security = DevSecOps

Don’t let traditional security technology put the brakes on DevOps.

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The problem

Traditional server security tools are not built for automated toolchains. Typically, they require manual configuration before they can be put in production, slowing down the DevOps cycle and increasing the risk of configuration errors.

Legacy security tools also lack the full scale of security controls that enterprise need. Each tool provides only one or two security functions, which forces the customer to purchase and maintain multiple tools.

Lastly, traditional security tools only operate during run-time. They don’t provide early feedback to developers at the point when vulnerability issues can most easily be fixed.

The solution

CloudPassage® Halo® solves these problems by integrating security right into the DevOps pipeline, ensuring that new applications, instances, and workloads are protected from the start thus enabling DevOps security. The ultralightweight Halo agent installs automatically through your organization’s existing build management, configuration management, and configuration tools, and the workloads can be anywhere – public, private, hybrid, or multicloud environments.

Using Halo, DevOps engineers can automatically verify new masters against security policies at build and test stages, and security teams get instant visibility to workloads from the moment they are deployed into staging and production.

Halo consolidates your traditional security controls into a single platform

Halo provides a broad range of security controls within a single platform that integrates with your existing orchestration tools for seamless DevSecOps.

Halo includes:

  • File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)
  • Software Vulnerability Assessment (SVA)
  • Software Configuration Management (SCM)
  • Server Account Management (SAM)
  • Log-based Intrusion Detection (LIDS)

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Top 10 ways to achieve agile security

Between 2017 and 2021, worldwide spending on cybersecurity will top $1 trillion, according to predictions from Cybersecurity Ventures . From the barrage of cyberattacks on enterprises to new threat vectors within networks due to the move to the cloud, CIOs and CISOs have more to consider around cybersecurity than ever before.

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