Don’t Let Security Technology Put the Brakes on DevOps

Move Faster. Automated Security & Orchestration at DevOps speed

The Problem

The rise of continuous development and deployment methods like DevOps have brought speed and quality benefits, but they have put a huge strain on security organizations. Traditional server security tools are not built for automated deployment. They typically require manual configuration before they can be put into production. This slows down the DevOps cycle and increases the risk of configuration errors.

While some of the DevOps tool sets include basic configuration security checks, this feature by itself is just a small part of all the security controls that most enterprises need.

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CloudPassage Halo solves this problem by giving security and DevOps teams an agile security and compliance platform that bakes security right into the DevOps pipeline, ensuring that new workloads, instances, and containers are protected from the start.

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Halo works across any combination of data centers, private clouds or public clouds, providing continuous visibility and enforcement delivered as a service, so it’s on-demand, fast to deploy, fully automated and works at any scale.

Halo is security automation that seamlessly integrates with server orchestration tools like Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, or Ansible. Security can now be an integral part of the DevOps cycle from development to test to production, maintaining speed and agility.

  • Fully automated security
  • Integrated with DevOps orchestration tools
  • Continuous security deployment
  • Minimal system impact

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