Don’t Let Manual Processes Hold Up Compliance

Automated Compliance Management for Servers and Cloud Workloads

The Problem

Enterprises that are subject to regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, SOC2, SOX have traditionally used a variety of IT controls to prove compliance with these regulations. While each regulation is different, the typical requirements include strong access controls, file integrity management, continuous monitoring and logging, and an accurate inventory of systems where sensitive data resides.

Unfortunately, as IT delivery processes become faster and more automated, traditional network and server security products no longer fit. They are too rigid, too slow, and too static. As a result, compliance teams are forced to expend lots of manual effort, which threatens to erase the business benefits of moving to agile IT infrastructure in the first place.


CloudPassage Halo solves these challenges by automating many of the processes related to compliance. For example, Halo automatically gathers and presents information required for PCI compliance audits, dramatically simplifying audit readiness. And Halo works in any operating environment–traditional data center, private cloud or public cloud such as Amazon, Azure, Rackspace, etc. Halo provides a broad range of IT security controls that are useful to prove compliance with data security regulations.


  • Strong access controls
  • Network security (microsegmentation)
  • Server access monitoring
  • Configuration management
  • Software vulnerability assessment
  • File integrity management (FIM)
  • Log-based intrusion detection

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Halo saves time for your auditors because Halo delivers complete visibility to every workload, no matter where it lives. The information that Halo gathers can be delivered via native Halo reports or via your existing GRC systems or SIEM systems; 100% of the data that Halo gathers can be exported via Halo’s open, RESTful API.

Halo also saves time for your IT team because Halo can be deployed automatically via automated scripts or via popular orchestration tools that you are probably already using, such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Salt, Jenkins, BOSH, etc.
  • Fully automated security
  • Integrated with DevOps orchestration tools
  • Verify system & data integrity
  • Automatically discover vulnerabilities
  • Detect when workloads are compromised
  • Minimal system impact

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