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If your company hosts applications in AWS, security is a shared responsibility between you and AWS. While AWS manages security “of” the cloud, you are responsible for the security of your applications and data “in” the cloud. Halo Cloud Secure helps you maintain a strong security posture and continuous compliance by automating best practices for AWS environments.


Halo enables you to keep up with AWS security and compliance requirements.

AWS changed the game, and now security pros must keep up.
Thanks to Amazon, anyone can build their own applications or procure infrastructure by simply subscribing to IaaS services, with or without the permission or assistance of an IT team. This trend in infrastructure consumerization enables more decentralized and autonomous infrastructure management and promotes high rates of speed and change. That’s great news for application owners who desire agility and faster time to market, but is extremely challenging for security professionals tasked with protecting assets in AWS environments.

Security visibility can suffer when trying to manually keep up with fast-moving AWS environments.
Companies taking advantage of public cloud infrastructure often create and maintain many AWS accounts. Reasons vary – for example, different accounts might be used by different business units or to separate development and production environments. But whatever the reason, every AWS account is a potential target for attackers, meaning continuous monitoring for exposures is critical. When many dynamic, highly automated AWS deployments are in play, approaching the risk visibility requirement with manual effort is a recipe for disaster.

AWS misconfigurations will lead to security exposures in cloud resources and services critical to your business.
Even small AWS deployments have an ever-changing set of configuration parameters. There are hundreds or even thousands of settings across services and resources that may be in use, and mistakes in those configurations are a top cause of asset exposure and compromise. Security teams can’t even scratch the surface without centralized exposure detection and automated remediation across many AWS accounts.


Halo Cloud Secure answers critical questions about your AWS risk posture.

Halo Cloud Secure is an automated cloud infrastructure security solution delivering comprehensive visibility, protection, and continuous compliance monitoring for compute, storage, database, networking, and identity services to reduce cyber risk.


Here is how Halo Cloud Secure answers critical questions about your security posture in AWS:

What assets exist across my AWS accounts?

  • Halo continuously monitors AWS resources and services for adds, moves and changes.
  • Halo automatically updates your inventory of AWS resources in a single location, no matter how many AWS accounts or assets you have.
  • Halo enables up-to-the-minute awareness of assets deployed across accounts, regions, and availability zones.

Where are assets exposed or creating risk?

  • Halo evaluates AWS service and resource configurations for misconfigurations and other exposures.
  • Halo enables you to maintain immediate awareness of critical exposures for your most important assets.
  • Halo provides multiple options for automating risk remediation workflow.


What’s unique about Halo Cloud Secure?

  • Unified view of security & compliance
    See all your IaaS assets in a unified view so you can quickly answer important questions about your asset inventory. No piecing together data from multiple disparate tools—the information you need is right at your fingertips
  • Adapts to your unique environment
    Focus on what matters and avoid wasting cycles by tuning out unnecessary alerts.  Halo Cloud Secure adapts to your unique environment and requirements with powerful policy customization options.
  • Decreases exposure time
    Enable fast and effective remediation by providing actionable information to the people who need it in an automated fashion. Streamline remediation workflows by sending vulnerability and remediation information via Amazon SNS and other notification mechanisms.
  • Finds critical risks other tools miss
    Halo Cloud Secure provides the broadest and deepest coverage for AWS with over 20,000 policy checks and coverage that goes deep by monitoring both the control plane and data plane. Ready to see for yourself? Request a free trial today.

Ready to see for yourself? Request a free trial today.


Halo works with everything

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Amazon API Gateway

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Cloud Services Security

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Container Security

Configuration Security Monitoring

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File Integrity Monitoring

Log-based Intrusion Detection

Firewall policy automation

Events & alerting

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NIST 800-53 R4