Enhanced AWS Security & Compliance for Amazon EC2

Automated, advanced security and compliance for Amazon EC2 Instances

The Problem

In the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Shared Responsibility Model, security is a collaborative effort. AWS is responsible for securing the infrastructure and services for you to develop and run your application, while you maintain responsibility for the security of your EC2 application workloads. You need to ensure that your Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) are secure and that they meet the compliance requirements of regulations such as PCI DSS, SOC2, HIPAA/HiTECH, and FISMA. You need to apply security policy to the operating system, network configuration, software configuration, and application stack.

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CloudPassage Halo: Amazon Web Services Security

CloudPassage Halo provides the enhanced security required by the AWS shared responsibility model. CloudPassage Halo gives you virtually instant visibility into and continuous protection for your workloads across the AWS Cloud, virtual private clouds, and hybrid cloud environments.

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Delivered as a service, CloudPassage Halo can deploy in minutes, scales on-demand and eliminates costly, error-prone manual processes by baking security into your instances. Halo seamlessly integrates with IT orchestration tools like Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, SaltStack or BOSH.

Halo includes a broad range of security functionality that reduces your software attack surface, controls your network attack surface, and can alert you if any of your workloads have been compromised.

  • Virtually instant visibility and continuous protection for AWS instances.
  • Automated provisioning of security for faster deployment.
  • Automatic scalability.
  • REST API for easy integration with AWS and existing tools

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