On-demand security solutions

Enable game-changing automation & compliance at speed & at scale.

The Halo security-on-demand platform: continuously monitor, inspect, and validate the security & compliance posture of all enterprise servers, containers, and applications  –  automatically and at scale.

How it works

The CloudPassage® Halo® on-demand security platform automates visibility, security, and compliance at the heart of the new enterprise IT – applications, servers, and containers. Delivering core security functions through a single, ultra-lightweight microagent, Halo is the only security platform where you bake security and visibility into your application and server environments from the start.

Halo is ideally suited for use in these key
enterprise security initiatives.


Workload visibility & protection

Reduce your software attack surface by ensuring proper security configuration, discovering software



Integrate security within DevOps toolchains for fast-paced CI/CD & agile delivery environments


Continuous compliance

Ensure compliance in any environment–traditional data centers as well as public or private cloud