Do you know what’s hiding in your public cloud?

Global data breaches hit 1,500 in 2018, and continue rising this year, making security and compliance in the cloud a top priority for enterprises.

Most recently, the Capital One data breach highlights the need for comprehensive visibility into public cloud infrastructure.


Free Public Cloud Security Assessment from CloudPassage
If your public cloud were compromised tomorrow, the most important thing you’d likely want to know is how it happened.

Without security automation, getting a handle on your public cloud infrastructure and preventing a data breach is virtually impossible.

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CloudPassage is a security pioneer awarded for the first-ever patents for universal cloud infrastructure security and is a leading innovator in cloud-asset visibility trusted by some of the biggest enterprises across numerous industries.

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Do you know what’s hiding in your public cloud?

How to prevent a Capital One type Data Breach

The questions many are asking now are:

  • “Could my company be at risk for its own data breach?”
  • How can I prevent a data breach like Capital One’s?”

CloudPassage’s Head of Security Research, Amol Sarwate addresses these questions in his blog “Preventing a Capital One Cloud Data Breach” in which he covers:

  • What went wrong
  • The Principle of Least Privilege
  • Best Practice Templates to Prevent a Cloud Data Breach

What the AWS Cloud Security Report can tell us about preventing a data breach

Other high-profile data breaches of the last year have made organizations wonder how their peers are tackling cloud infrastructure security.

We partnered with Cybersecurity Insiders to survey their 400,000-member community to gather insights into cybersecurity professionals’ concerns, tools, and best practices.

Read the AWS Security Report blog to learn what the cybersecurity professionals say about their:

  • Level of concern regarding cloud security
  • Biggest operational headaches
  • #1 security threat in public clouds
  • Legacy security solutions’ applicability for the cloud.


Datamation names CloudPassage in its Top 8 Cloud Security Solution Providers 2019

In Datamation’s 2019 side-by-side product comparison from its Top 8 Cloud Security Solution Providers, CloudPassage Halo was the only security solution noted for its regulatory security and compliance policy use cases.

Halo Cloud Secure is an automated public cloud security solution that delivers critical functionality to reduce cyber risk:

  • Comprehensive visibility
  • Continuous compliance monitoring
  • Automated remediation

Halo’s capabilities are invaluable, and worth a look if you want to improve your cloud infrastructure risk visibility.

We’d love to share how the Halo platform has helped enterprises create efficient and consistent could risk management through automation. Please contact us to schedule a demo.