Project Cielo:

Unified visibility of your entire public cloud infrastructure

43% of cybersecurity professionals cite a lack of visibility into their cloud infrastructure security posture as their biggest headache, according to the 2018 Cloud Security Report from Cybersecurity Insiders.

Currently in beta, project Cielo is an automated public cloud infrastructure security solution that delivers comprehensive visibility, protection, and continuous compliance monitoring for compute, storage, database, networking, and identity services to reduce cyber risk for your organization. With the addition of Cielo, CloudPassage Halo is the only platform to offer insight, protection, and compliance employing a single agent and single console for all of your cloud assets spanning servers, containers, and services.

Automatically discover public cloud assets, reduce your attack surface, prioritize remediation, and decrease any exposure time, all while maintaining continuous compliance.

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Cielo provides visibility and answers for critical security challenges and queries:


What critical IT assets do we have?

Security and IT teams struggle to maintain a complete, up-to-date inventory of the cloud assets that are in use across their organizations. With Cielo you’ll have complete visibility across accounts.


Is our attack surface secure?

With new public cloud services being released on a frequent basis and thousands of new configuration parameters to examine, security teams struggle to maintain an accurate assessment of current risks. Cielo provides a comprehensive, integrated view of IaaS services and resources and evaluates whether each resource is configured securely based on industry best practices.


Do we need yet another tool to manage our infrastructure security?

Cielo offers policy customization so that you can use the solution in your unique environment, with your existing toolset. The security policies can be automated and tailored to any specific application’s security requirements so that you will always receive relevant alerts.

“62% of cybersecurity professionals think misconfiguration of the cloud platform/wrong setup is the biggest threat in public clouds”

Cloud Security Report,
Cybersecurity Insiders, 2018

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