CloudPassage Halo

Battle-tested protection & compliance for critical business assets, in any infrastructure, at any scale.

What is CloudPassage Halo?

CloudPassage Halo provides instant visibility and continuous protection for servers in any combination of data centers, private clouds and public clouds. The Halo platform is delivered as a service, so it deploys in minutes and scales on-demand. Halo uses minimal system resources, so layered security can be deployed where it counts, right at every workload – servers, instances and containers.

Halo is the only platform purpose-built for broadly automated, portable, scalable, on-demand security and compliance.




“CloudPassage is really an investment that will help us sell more efficiently. With CloudPassage we can show what we can do for security and show how we prove it.”

Manny Landron, Senior Manager of Security and Compliance, Citrix

Instant Visibility

Within seconds of deploying Halo, security teams gain full visibility into their entire infrastructure, making it faster and easier to secure critical business assets and take action when vulnerabilities, policy violations or attacks are detected.

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Fast Microsegmentation

Halo reduces your attack surface by enabling microsegmentation through host firewall orchestration, traffic discovery and layered protection at every workload. This reduces risk from lateral movement of threats and network attacks – in any environment.

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Automated Compliance

Halo lets compliance teams replace manual processes with full automation. Halo tracks the security posture of all assets in scope of regulations. This saves money, improves efficiency and enables continuous compliance.

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Security at DevOps Speed

Halo bakes security right into the development process, ensuring that new workloads are protected from the start. This allows businesses to securely embrace agile practices like DevOps and empowers security teams to move faster.

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Why CloudPassage Halo



Halo works seamlessly across any cloud or virtual infrastructure.



Deploy & manage security controls without human intervention.



Hands-free security provisioning integrates with orchestration tools.



Automated, unlimited scaling of security controls with elastic infrastructure.



Robust, open API for seamless integration with existing tools.