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Security & compliance automation from development to deployment, across clouds, data centers, servers, and containers – at DevOps speed & cloud scale

CloudPassage Halo is the only workload security automation platform that offers on-demand delivery of security controls across data centers, private/public clouds, virtual machines and containers – at speed and scale. Unlike traditional security systems, Halo and its robust APIs integrate with popular CI/CD toolchains and processes, providing just-in-time feedback to fix vulnerabilities early in the development cycle. This lets DevOps teams operate efficiently while providing security teams the validation they require. Halo easily integrates with popular infrastructure automation and orchestration platforms, allowing Halo to be easily deployed to continuously monitor the security and compliance posture of workloads.

Better security that works anywhere

Halo is fast: Halo is designed from the ground up to support the dynamic nature of how workloads initiate, network, and cycle. Halo security policies are defined by logical application groupings instead of static network parameters, ensuring new workloads are automatically protected.

Halo is secure: CloudPassage Halo operates under the ISO-27002 security standards and is audited annually against PCI Level 1 and SOC 2 standards.

Halo works anywhere: CloudPassage Halo enables write-once-run-anywhere security and compliance policy definitions – no matter where your workloads are running. Switch or expand to other IaaS providers as needed without fear of vendor lock-in

Halo works with everything: Halo features powerful and well documented REST api as well as an SDK for deep integration with leading enterprise solutions such as Puppet, Jenkins, Sumo Logic, Splunk, ArcSight, enVision, OneLogin, Okta, Centrify, and many others.

Halo is easy to deploy: Halo is 100% SaaS – no hardware or software to buy or maintain. Halo agents are deployed automatically via tools such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible, and Jenkins.

Products on the Halo platform

Server Secure

Automated security & compliance for virtual machines and host operating systems

Container Secure

Automated security & compliance for Docker containers

Where does Halo fit in the cloud security landscape?

Halo provides a broad range of security controls, focused on the workload, to let you prevent attack and detect indications of compromise.


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“Halo delivered the robust security controls we require to ensure effective workload protection, rapid compromise detection, and rock solid access control. We have 250 Amazon accounts our security team needed deep insight about and visibility to – Halo brought these accounts from zero to full visibility and now allows us to securely manage and control over 50 business units that all have AWS access.”

Semiconductor Manufacturing Company

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