Eliminate your cloud blind spots with Halo Cloud Secure

Automated public cloud infrastructure security for comprehensive visibility and continuous compliance with the broadest and deepest AWS coverage.

Unlike point solutions that provide limited coverage, Halo Cloud Secure finds critical risks that other tools miss by protecting your public cloud control plane and the data plane.

Halo Cloud Secure is the only security solution purpose-built for wide and deep visibility to make sure you have no blind spots. It automatically discovers your assets and reduces your attack surface by identifying misconfigured services. This is all on a single pane of glass to avoid tool creep.

Halo Cloud Secure and its robust APIs also integrate with popular CI/CD toolchains and processes. This lets DevOps teams operate efficiently while providing security teams the validation they require.

Comprehensive visibility and security for your public cloud

Automatic discovery: Quickly discover and inventory assets in use across any number of public cloud accounts in use in your organization.

Reduce attack surface: Instantly and continuously identify your most vulnerable services. Prioritize remediation work on the greatest risks.

Find critical risks other tools miss: Halo Cloud Secure offers the best security visibility coverage for AWS with a set of over 20,000 policy checks that monitor the control plane and data plane of your environment–virtual machines, containers, and serverless workloads.

Single pane of glass: Comprehensive visibility and security assessment of public cloud assets in a single tool.

Continuous compliance: Monitor for compliance violations by auditing data against a wide array of critical compliance benchmarks and standards.

Integrated speed: Enable DevSecOps with automated security workflows to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Workflows in Halo Cloud Secure are available as REST-enabled API functions so your team can automate the CI/CD pipeline to improve operational efficiency.

Comprehensive visibility with Halo Cloud Secure

Instance visibility

Automated security & compliance for virtual machines and host operating systems

Container visibility

Automated security & compliance for Docker containers

Infrastructure visibility

Unified visibility of your entire public cloud infrastructure

“Halo delivered the robust security controls we require to ensure effective workload protection, rapid compromise detection, and rock solid access control. We have 250 Amazon accounts our security team needed deep insight about and visibility to – Halo brought these accounts from zero to full visibility and now allows us to securely manage and control over 50 business units that all have AWS access.”

Fortune 50 global technology leader

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