An IDG Virtual Summit Series event for hybrid- and multi-cloud security strategies that tackle the latest risks

Where: Online, virtual event
When: On-Demand until April 18

CSO Cybersecurity Summit Review

Review the ideas, information, and resources from this IDG Virtual Summit Series event on hybrid-and multi-cloud strategies.

Success Factors for Securing a Multi- or Hybrid-cloud Environment

More organizations are experiencing the benefits of public cloud infrastructure, enabling development teams to select the best infrastructure for their application. These flexible environments, while beneficial to the business, also create new security challenges. Security tooling for one cloud service provider is often not portable to another, and the tooling for the data center is not optimized for the cloud. The result is multiple dashboards, reduced productivity, increased costs, and gaps in security controls.

Watch the video “Success Factors for Securing a Multi- or Hybrid-Cloud Environment,” where we present:

  • The challenges you’ll face in securing multi- or hybrid-cloud environments, and what happens if challenges are not addressed
  • Six success factors for determining whether your multi- or hybrid-cloud environment is adequately secured
  • Better ways to secure diverse and complex cloud environments

Demo Video: Introduction to Halo

Learn about the CloudPassage Halo unified cloud security platform and see how it automates security controls and compliance in any public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud environment. Watch the video to see:

  • An overview of the Halo cloud security platform
  • A comprehensive view of Halo security controls for asset inventory, vulnerability management, threat management, network security, and compliance management across IaaS, PaaS, servers, and containers
  • A short working demonstration of how to use Halo to secure hybrid- and multi-cloud environments

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TAG Cyber wrote the “Enterprise Buyer’s Guide for Unified Cloud Security and Compliance” without vendor preference or bias, which makes it a powerful tool for determining the right solution for your organization. The Lift-and-Shift Security toolkit introduces you to cloud security for lift-and-shift migrations and then drills down deep into implementing cloud security best practices through Halo. Step by step process to secure hybrid cloud deployments using CloudPassage Halo, including new security and compliance needs, success factors, shared responsibility strategies, DevOps integration, and more.
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Learn how the CloudPassage Halo unified cloud security platform supports Amazon Web Services (AWS). Learn how the CloudPassage Halo unified cloud security platform supports Microsoft Azure. Learn how the CloudPassage Halo unified cloud security platform supports Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Get a head start on your 2021 cybersecurity initiatives with free CSPM from CloudPassage.

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