SANS: Improving Bottom Line with Measures, Metrics and KPIs Survey

SANS surveys consistently show that organizations are looking to do more than manage risk with these metrics. They’re looking for measures, metrics and KPIs that can effectively demonstrate how security operations are performing and how well security automation is helping them to achieve their key business objectives.

By taking part in this survey you will be among the first to receive the full report with all anonymized, aggregated results (as soon as the report becomes available) and have a chance to learn more about how other organizations are:

  • Determining important metrics and KPIs that apply to fellow organizations
  • Developing procedures that support data quality and, more importantly, confidence in the data collected to support measures and metrics
  • Defining the supporting measures (given both current and planned data sources) within IT infrastructures
  • Using measures and metrics most effectively, accounting for the needs of various stakeholders from the security analyst to the C-suite.

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