The Six Must-Haves for Practical Cloud Security

Enterprises large and small are migrating existing applications to the cloud and developing new applications on cloud-native infrastructure. Datacenter security practices don’t translate to cloud environments due to technical and operational changes that disrupt existing security and compliance approaches. As organizations transition to distributed DevOps models, application development velocity increases dramatically. Continuous delivery and software-defined infrastructure result in additions and changes to critical assets on-demand at any time.

This webinar is for security engineers, DevOps engineers, cloud architects, and security executives. 

Your take-aways from this webinar will be the six “must-haves” for achieving real-world, practical cloud security. You will leave the webinar with a working understanding of:

  • How moving to the cloud changes development and security practices
  • How the concept of “practical cloud security” cuts through the noise and hype
  • What to expect an application stack to look like in a generic public cloud deployment
  • How common security best-practices and control objectives are implemented in a public cloud application stack, including:
    • Asset discovery and inventory
    • Vulnerability assessment and monitoring
    • Streamlining and automating remediation
    • Security posture monitoring 
    • Detection of threats and compromise
    • Continuous compliance monitoring & evidence collection

Watch this On-demand webinar in which we will share lessons learned from nine years of working with leading cloud adopters including household names in streaming content, wireless and telecom providers, worldwide gaming networks, financial institutions, and SaaS providers.

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Six Must-Haves for Cloud Security