Securing Lift-and-Shift Cloud Migrations

If your enterprise is like most others, you’re migrating servers to the public cloud for a variety of reasons. Many of these servers will move as-is—a “lift-and-shift” migration. Lift-and-shift migrations require a wholesale re-evaluation of how your servers are secured. Done right, a lift-and-shift migration presents a rare opportunity to improve and automate server security, as well as position your security posture to evolve along with your use of cloud infrastructure.

To understand how to adapt your security strategy to address new security requirements for lift-and-shift migrations, watch this webinar.

In this on-demand webinar, cloud security experts Dave Shackleford, SANS Institute Sr. Instructor and Carson Sweet, CloudPassage CEO and co-founder discuss:

  • The differences between securing traditional and cloud environments
  • The shared responsibility model which defines what your cloud service provider is accountable for securing and what you must secure yourself
  • How to secure the dynamic, diverse, and distributed cloud environment
  • How to make your security controls portable between the data center and cloud
  • A step-by-step process to secure servers pre-migration to achieve a “migrate-clean” outcome
  • A brief demonstration of one automated cloud security solution

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