CloudPassage Halo Product Update Webinar – Spring 2021

Spring 2021 Product Update


New and Enhanced Security Control Policies

  • GCP, Azure, AWS
  • Latest CVEs

Security Control Policy Management Enhancements

  • Attribute-based policy assignment
  • Easy custom policy creation and customization

Consolidated Views for Quicker Time to Insights

  • Quick filters and data cards
  • Consolidated dashboards and summary tabs

Software Vulnerability Exception Improvements

  • Proactive exception setting
  • CVE-based exception setting

In the wake of 2020’s many challenges, security teams are being asked to do more with less—less budget, fewer resources, and less security tooling, with more diverse and dynamic infrastructures to secure.

Join us to see how the recent CloudPassage Halo cloud security platform enhancements will help your security team do more in 2021 without additional resources.

We will update you on how the unified CloudPassage Halo cloud security platform continues evolving to address your new and existing cloud security challenges. And give a complete demonstration of how Halo automates cloud security controls and compliance across servers, containers, IaaS, and PaaS in any public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud environment.

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