The Lift-and-Shift Security Toolkit

Enterprises migrate to the public cloud for a variety of reasons, including increased speed and agility and cost-effective infrastructure procurement and management. Many workloads are migrated “as is”—a “lift-and-shift” migration—to make use of the benefits of public cloud as quickly as possible. However, lift-and-shift migrations introduce a variety of new security concerns. When done right, a lift-and-shift migration presents a rare opportunity to improve and automate server security, as well as position your security posture to evolve along with your use of cloud infrastructure.

The resources contained in this toolkit help guide your understanding of cloud security concerns as they pertain to lift-and-shift migrations, along with steps you can take to improve and automate your cloud server security as you move workloads to the cloud.

Inside the toolkit, you’ll find:

  1. An introductory article that introduces lift-and-shift migrations and discusses new security concerns introduced by the cloud
  2. Slides and a link to an on-demand, expert-led webinar that discusses how your next lift-and-shift migration can become an opportunity for cloud security improvement and automation
  3. A complete blueprint that you can use as a template for building secure cloud migrations with Halo.

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