Join CloudPassage at the SecureWorld Southeast Virtual Conference

The 19th annual SecureWorld Southeast conference offers a full day of learning and collaboration, speakers, prizes, and more.

Where: Virtual event
When: April 22

Connecting, Informing, and Developing Cybersecurity Leaders

This one-day virtual event is packed with keynotes, panel discussions, breakout sessions, networking opportunities, and a virtual vendor exhibit hall. You’ll gain practical solutions, deep insights, and effective strategies for managing cyber threats in today’s complex infrastructures and environments.

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Cloud Security Buyer’s Guide Lift & Shift Toolkit Hybrid Cloud Blueprint
TAG Cyber wrote the “Enterprise Buyer’s Guide for Unified Cloud Security and Compliance” without vendor preference or bias, which makes it a powerful tool for determining the right solution for your organization. The Lift-and-Shift Security toolkit introduces you to cloud security for lift-and-shift migrations and then drills down deep into implementing cloud security best practices through Halo. Step by step process to secure hybrid cloud deployments using CloudPassage Halo, including new security and compliance needs, success factors, shared responsibility strategies, DevOps integration, and more.
AWS Data Sheet Azure Data Sheet GCP Data Sheet
Learn how the CloudPassage Halo unified cloud security platform supports Amazon Web Services (AWS). Learn how the CloudPassage Halo unified cloud security platform supports Microsoft Azure. Learn how the CloudPassage Halo unified cloud security platform supports Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

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Join security professionals from business, government, education, and law enforcement for:


Hear from top industry leaders as they discuss the state of security today and what we can expect throughout 2021 and beyond.

Panel Discussions

See how today’s InfoSec executives are addressing emerging challenges and implementing security in complex environments.

Breakout Sessions

Attend networking sessions to build your professional connections, ask questions, and share ideas.


Learn about the most innovative cloud security strategies, platforms and tools, including CloudPassage Halo.

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John Swensson

Success Factors for Securing a Multi- or Hybrid-cloud Environment

More organizations are experiencing the benefits of public cloud infrastructure – all of which enables development teams to select the best infrastructure for their application, such as one cloud provider over another, or leveraging the data center to host a portion of their assets and resources. But it creates a security challenge, since the security tooling for one cloud service provider is often not portable to another — and the tooling for the data center is not optimized for the cloud. The result is multiple dashboards, reduced productivity, increased costs, and gaps in security controls. Join us to learn about better ways to secure these diverse and complex environments.

Get a head start on your 2021 cybersecurity initiatives with free CSPM from CloudPassage.

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