SANS 2020 DevSecOps Survey: Panel Discussion

The SANS 2020 survey, Extending DevSecOps Security Controls in the Cloud, examines how security and risk management leaders are leveraging modern technologies, such as infrastructure as code, containerization, and security automation, to manage security in fast-paced Agile and DevOps environments.

In this panel discussion roundtable, you’ll hear from the survey sponsors, including Carson Sweet, co-founder and CEO of CloudPassage, as they discuss five critical concerns around DevSecOps in the cloud that were raised by survey respondents, including:

  • The implications of shifting left and how organizations can alleviate security issues right now
  • The security implications of using multiple cloud providers
  • How moving to cloud-hosted platforms affects security and compliance
  • The tools available for continuous monitoring of cloud runtime environments
  • MTTR expectations in the cloud

This roundtable also explores best practices for DevSecOps teams to follow when leveraging today’s cloud-based environments.

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