The Enterprise Guide to AWS Security 2020

Moving to the cloud offers your enterprise a variety of benefits, including increased flexibility, agility, and modern DevOps delivery practices. It also opens you up to new security threats and vulnerabilities. 95% of industry professionals agree—there are good reasons to be concerned.
However, with the right security strategy in place, you can close the gaps and secure your cloud workloads.

Each year, the Cybersecurity Insiders AWS Cloud Security Report offers up-to-date insight into the latest trends, challenges, and solutions for cloud protection on AWS. In this guide to the 2020 report, you will find a variety of assets with the information, statistics, and best-practice strategies your management, InfoSec, and DevOps teams can use to develop or improve your AWS cloud security strategy.

Download the guide to access information that speaks to the concerns of key stakeholders across your organization, including:

  • The complete Cybersecurity Insiders AWS Cloud Security Report 2020
  • Insights for Management:
    • Article: Managing the Rapid Shift to Cloud
  • Insights for InfoSec
    • Article: AWS Security Best Practices: Cloud Security Report 2020 for InfoSec
    • Infographic: Cloud Security Concerns & Challenges
  • Insights for DevOps
    • Article: DevOps Security Automation: AWS Cloud Security Report 2020 for DevSecOps
    • Infographic: DevSecOps Adoption & Processes infographic

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