CloudPassage CEO Interview with TAG Cyber

Conducted by Ed Amoroso, CEO TAG Cyber

As the industry experiences ongoing adoption of IaaS and PaaS services, CloudPassage has scaled and developed core capabilities that further unify security in the cloud for Halo customers. In this TAG Cyber interview, CloudPassage CEO and co-founder, Carson Sweet, shares his unique insights into cloud security and compliance in the context of modern enterprise computing and workload hosting, including:

  • Cloud security for multi-cloud environments, including AWS, Azure, and GCP
  • Container and Kubernetes security
  • The layered model of cloud security (network, infrastructure, virtualization layer, application stacks)
  • The impact of DevOps development models on security
  • The importance of automation and scale for effective CSPM across cloud providers
  • Compliance with technical and regulatory standards

You’ll also hear Carson’s predictions for 2021, along with takeaways that will help you get ahead of your security concerns and challenges.

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