Best Practices For Bridging the Gap between InfoSec and DevOps

As enterprises increase their use of the cloud to host business applications as part of their digital transformation, security and development teams must transform how they work together. Cloud development moves development from a centralized department developing applications for a private data center managed by a centralized operations team, to distributed teams responsible for both the development and operations of their applications known as DevOps. This can create a gap between security and DevOps.

In this on-demand webinar, cybersecurity experts Carson Sweet, CloudPassage CEO and co-founder, and Holger Schulze, Cybersecurity Insiders CEO and co-founder, explore this transition and how both security and DevOps teams can best work together in this new world. Topics will include:

    • The new organization structure security must work in
    • The new rapid development, continuous integration and continuous delivery model for DevOps
    • The diverse set of technologies DevOps are deploying in the cloud that must be secured
    • The new tools DevOps teams use to automate as much as possible for their rapid development
    • How security can be automated for DevOps teams without slowing down their release cycles
    • Best practices for opening new communications channels between Security and distributed DevOps

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Best Practices For Bridging the Gap Between InfoSec and DevOps