On-Demand Webinar

Best Practices for Scaling AWS Instances with Comprehensive Security

Organizations that are transitioning from a traditional data center to an on-demand IT environment, such as Amazon AWS, are quickly finding that automating and scaling comprehensive workload security is nearly impossible. Traditional server security tools and practices fail to keep up the pace. 

Join this webinar, hosted by security experts from Amazon, CloudPassage and Xero, to learn:

  •  Best practices for maintaining server security in the world of fast-paced IT deployment
  •  How you can align security deployment methods with IT deployment methods
  •  Key considerations for architecting your infrastructure to scale quickly and securely 

Hear about the real-world experience and key learnings of Xero as they transitioned to the AWS Public Cloud and looked to scale. 

Thank you for your interest. Your webinar “Best Practices for Scaling AWS Instances with Comprehansive Security” is ready to view.