Don't Pay for Cloud Security Posture Management.

Get the free edition of CloudPassage Halo.

The free edition of Halo includes full access to the Halo Cloud Secure cloud security posture management (CSPM) service, at no cost to you, ever. Cloud Secure is a SaaS-based solution that can be fully operational in an hour or less. Sign up now to gain deep insight into your cloud security and compliance posture and to start your journey to fully automated cloud security!

What You Get with the Halo Free Edition

Most recent cloud compromises result from misconfiguration of IaaS accounts and resources. Gartner predicts user configuration errors will cause 99% of cloud compromises for the foreseeable future.

You can avoid being one of the victims at no cost to you—ever—with the free edition of Halo. This edition includes a fully functional subscription for Halo Cloud Secure with the same enterprise-grade security, performance, and reliability of premium Halo editions. The free edition of Halo includes:

  • Licensing for up to 10 Amazon Web Services, (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP)  accounts, with no limits on assets or resources per-account
  • Thousands of pre-configured, customizable policies and rules covering regulatory standards like PCI DSS and industry best-practices like CIS Benchmarks
  • Detailed remediation advice and guidance to quickly resolve exposures and compliance failures
  • Up to 5 Halo administrator, operator, and/or auditor accounts 
  • Full access to the comprehensive bi-directional Halo REST API to integrate and automate cloud security
  • Cloud security for now and the future—use the free edition for as long as you want without annoying paywalls or nagware
  • On-demand access to all other Halo platform services, including industry-leading server and container workload protection

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Halo Secures Key IaaS Resources and Assets

  • IAM groups, users, roles, and policies
  • EC2 instances and AMIs
  • RDS DB instances, snapshots, and security groups
  • VPCs, ACLs, subnets, peering connections, and security groups
  • S3 buckets
  • CloudFormation
  • CloudTrail
  • ECR repositories
  • ECS clusters and containers
  • EKS clusters
  • Lambda functions
  • Elastic load balancers
  • API Gateways
  • Certificate Manager certificates
  • KMS encryption keys
  • Route 53 hosted zones and domains
Azure cloud computing seuity
  • Azure IAM users
  • Azure Compute
  • Azure Virtual Network load balancers, security groups, and network watcher
  • SQL Servers
  • Azure Storage
  • Application Gateway and App Service routing and load balancing services
  • Key Vault encryption key service
  • Azure Monitoring Service
  • Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Compute Engine
  • Cloud Storage
  • Cloud Logging
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Cloud Key Management Service (KMS)
  • Cloud DNS
  • App Engine
  • Big Query

You are Minutes Away from Finding and Fixing Critical Security Vulnerabilities in Your Cloud Environments

Within minutes of connecting the Halo free edition, you’ll have a complete, detailed inventory of your IaaS environment, deep insight into security and compliance issues, and detailed advice to remediate risks quickly and easily.

Full Asset and Service Coverage

  • Container, database, and storages services
  • Infrastructure-as-code services
  • Certificate, key, and API management services
  • Serverless functions, virtual machines, web applications
  • DNS, and logging and monitoring services

Prevents Most Common Mistakes

  • High profile vulnerabilities
  • Publicly accessible resources
  • MFA disabled root accounts and delete operations
  • Exposed database instances
  • Excessive or stale administrative credentials
  • Misconfigurations

Enterprise-scale Capabilities

  • Automated security and compliance workflows in AWS and Azure
  • Comprehensive, flexible CSPM policies and rules
  • On-demand scalability
  • Built on the award-winning Halo cloud security and compliance platform

How Halo Free Edition Works

1. INventory Cloud Assets

Automatically creates and maintains a full inventory of your cloud assets, including servers, containers, databases, and other cloud provider resources and services

2. Assess and Investigate Vulnerabilities

Automatically identifies misconfigurations, unexpected access settings, exposed assets, compliance failures, among many  other issues


All identified issues include priority, remediation guidance, and expert advice based on industry best practices; automatic delivery of issues to system owners via SMS, REST API, or email


Automatic continuous monitoring of your cloud environment for new assets and risks, including automatic detection and close-out of remediated issues

Get Up and Running in Less Than an Hour

Watch how easy it is to get started:

Simply log into the Halo Portal, connect to your cloud provider accounts using standard read-only mechanisms, and Halo takes it from there.

This video will show you how easy it is to connect the free edition of Halo and its Cloud Secure service to monitor your AWS resources and services and assess your cloud security posture.

Connecting to Azure is just as easy. 

CloudPassage is Cloud Security You Can Trust

Read-only Access

Halo uses standard mechanisms provided by your IaaS provider to assess and monitor your environment. Halo never asks for write access to any of your cloud provider accounts. You maintain control of what assets and data that Halo can see at all times.


Halo gives you granular control over access to your Halo account, including multifactor authentication, SAML 2.0 integrations, IP address restrictions for users and API keys, role-based access control, user password construction/rotation/lockout controls, and more.

Security First

We put security first. Visit our Trust page for a complete listing of the controls that we employ to help keep your information and accounts safe, and to review our SOC2, PCI DSS, and CSA Star compliance status.


CloudPassage safeguards cloud infrastructure for the world’s best-recognized brands in verticals including finance, e-commerce, gaming, B2B SaaS, healthcare, biotech, digital media.

Experts in Cloud Security

CloudPassage’s Software-as-a-Service product, CloudPassage Halo, is a mature, battle-tested unified cloud security framework that automates security and compliance controls across servers, containers, and IaaS resources in any public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environment.

Best in Class

Halo is a best-in-class CSPM, scoring 5 out of 5 for seven criteria in the Forrester Wave™: Q419, Cloud Workload Security report, including getting top marks for the criterion “API-level Connectivity and Control for IaaS and PaaS.” Halo was the only solution specifically recommended for companies requiring server, container, and IaaS security.