Secures Artist Websites with Unified Platform

Halo used to secure dynamic infrastructure with unified interface & policies.

Business Challenge
Music artists are not only common targets for website hacks, artist site traffic can increase exponentially during concert promotions, online contests, or other newsworthy events. One of the world’s largest digital recording businesses was struggling with finding an effective way to cost-effectively secure hundreds of sites for individual artists and bands that were hosted across Amazon and Rackspace cloud infrastructures. It needed a security solution that would enable the portability to ‘cloud-burst’ between two providers to ensure site availability during peak usage. They also wanted the ability to self-provision new workloads as needed, or decommission them based on fluctuating audience demand while knowing security controls were fully enforced.

The Solution
The entertainment company chose CloudPassage Halo to secure all of its artist websites through a single platform and unified interface. Halo ensures that cloud bursting across Amazon and Rackspace can be done securely by seamlessly protecting workloads, regardless of where they are being provisioned. Halo not only provides host intrusion detection through file integrity and configuration security monitoring, it also requires multi-factor authentication for anyone accessing the workloads.

Business Impact

  • Enabled secure cloud bursting for hundreds of websites across both Amazon and Rackspace
  • Automated management of host firewall configurations
  • Accommodated quick workload expansions to accommodate for concerts, new release events, appearances, and social media campaigns

“Halo ensured that cloud bursting across both Amazon and Rackspace could be done securely, supporting the demand for burstable workloads and service resiliency across multiple cloud environments.”
– Tom Greene, Director of Infrastructure Design, Digital Music Company