Protecting Digital Marketing for Millions of Consumers

Centralized Security-as-a-Service Enables Massive Business Transformation

With more than $4B in annual revenue, Adobe recently completed a successful business transformation from physical product delivery to total online customer experiences by investing heavily in cloud computing infrastructure. They are also a digital marketing powerhouse, capturing online clickstreams for dozens of Fortune 1000 companies from millions of consumers every day. Employing traditional security tools in this highly dynamic environment simply wouldn’t work. Manual policy provisioning, manual audit trails for compliance and multiple user interfaces would take many extra hours of manpower, slowing down the business.

Adobe solved the problem by using CloudPassage Halo to gain visibility on and protect tens of thousands of virtual servers used to store invaluable clickstream data from millions of consumers every day. The consumer data is analyzed in real time and used to push compelling marketing offers back out to the customer, dramatically improving marketing efficiency. Halo is fully integrated into the provisioning of the virtual infrastructure, making it fast and easy to scale visibility, policy provisioning, enforcement and compliance along with IT capacity.

“Upon test completion, the tool was verified ready for deployment and over 20,000 endpoints had daemon coverage within three weeks.” – Joseph Davidson, Senior Network Security Engineer, Adobe from “Clearing Up the Fog in Implementing Cloud Security” via