HIPAA Ready in Just 10 Days

CloudPassage Halo deployed across mixed infrastructure to secure ShareFile Cloud SaaS application.

Business Challenge
Citrix was developing a new SaaS-based product line for helping healthcare organizations securely transfer protected health information (PHI) called the Citrix ShareFile Cloud for Healthcare. As a Healthcare Business Associate, Citrix needed to meet strict Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance requirements. Monitoring alone was not enough—Citrix needed to account for authorization and track the state of individual workloads over time. Given the scalability and flexibility requirements, and basic administrative considerations, traditional file integrity monitoring products were not a good option..

The Solution
“With CloudPassage we can show what we do for security and show how we prove it.” — Manny Landron, Senior Manager of Security and Compliance at Citrix. Their security team chose CloudPassage for its ability to quickly facilitate HIPAA compliance—and provide significant security and operational savings. Within 10 days Citrix was able to fully architect, plan the implementation and deploy CloudPassage Halo on the ShareFile Cloud. It took only a few hours to install the lightweight CloudPassage Halo agents that run on each server across the distributed environments. Their legacy integrity-monitoring tool took eight weeks to deploy.

Business Impact

  • Enabled Citrix to clearly demonstrate how they secure their environment and prove compliance
  • Eliminated the need to deploy seven proxy servers, a console server and an additional agent within each workload—saving $2,000 per server per year
  • Provided robust security reporting, helping to increase confidence in Citrix ShareFile and drive more business