“Many companies are asking for machine learning tools to solve problems—even if they don’t have a clear idea of what these tools can do.”


“We're not on the brink of democracy's digital implosion, but we have a lot of work left to do. In any case, it's about much more than just the voting machines.”


“This deepens concerns about consumer trust in the Yahoo brand -- two massive breaches of trust back-to-back would cause stir in the inner circle of any acquisition team.”

  • Cloud Workload Protection Market worth 6.70 Billion USD by 2023

  • The Impact of Cognitive Hacking on Business

  • How hackers attack voting machines

  • How state actors like Russia perpetrate cyberattacks

  • Industry Roundup: Addressing The Hybrid Cloud Security Readiness Gap

  • The Future of Containers

  • Megazone, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Signs Strategic Alliance with CloudPassage for Cloud Security Partnership

  • Only 16% of organizations believe their current security can protect them in the cloud

  • New Cloud Security Report Reveals Rising #Cybersecurity Concerns and Lack of Expertise

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