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CloudPassage Halo Live Demo

Every Thursday | 11 AM PT

Join CloudPassage experts for a demo of the Halo platform to learn how the Halo platform automates security and compliance, with the speed, scalability and automation needed to succeed in hybrid cloud environments.

How to Automate Security Visibility for IaaS Environments To Reduce Risk and Satisfy Regulatory Standards

September 12, 2019 | 2 PM EST

Security visibility is a top concern for enterprises adopting public cloud infrastructure. The scale and speed of IaaS environments demand a continuous, automated approach for detecting and managing security and compliance issues. 

In this live webinar, cybersecurity experts Carson Sweet, CloudPassage CEO and founder, and Holger Schulze, Cybersecurity Insiders CEO and founder, will discuss technical factors and operational approaches for successfully achieving continuous, automated risk visibility. During the webinar we will discuss:

  • Why achieving security and compliance visibility is critical to safely migrating to public cloud infrastructure.
  • How IaaS environments create specific technical and operational needs that must be satisfied to successfully establish comprehensive, ongoing risk visibility.
  • How the right automation coupled with a “cloud-aligned” issue discovery and resolution process can create a highly efficient and effective process for ensuring public cloud infrastructure is hardened against attacks and satisfies regulatory standards.

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