Don’t Let Security Blind Spots Put You at Risk for a Data Breach

The evolution of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) has introduced a new spectrum of benefits for enterprises. Unfortunately, it also introduced a new set of challenges and requirements for security visibility. The increase in data breaches over the past two years has underscored the importance of achieving complete cloud security visibility and compliance.

Root causes of public cloud infrastructure security exposure are often traced back to simple human oversights and errors in configuration, which inadvertently expose core business and customer data. These problems, often hidden and overlooked can translate into serious exposure and security risk—both financial, and operational.

The same properties that make a dynamic cloud environment attractive to businesses add complexity to matters of security and compliance—making the need for security visibility across your entire public cloud infrastructure more critical than ever.

Get access to information to help you secure your cloud infrastructure

Don't Let Rapid Innovation Create Security Vulnerabilities

We live in a culture of rapid innovation and businesses are leveraging public cloud infrastructure to build a faster and modern software application infrastructure that improves operational agility and optimizes costs and resources. It’s fast and easy to acquire and set up, but can result in some nasty security mistakes.

The new cloud application infrastructure can drive an extremely high-change velocity enabling DevOps teams to develop and operate as a continuous process, often meaning real-time changes in production and faster delivery.

The chance for human error in configuring cloud services is high and can create a hidden disaster.

Read our blog “Security Mistakes and the Culture of Innovation” that discusses the

  • Relationships between Software, IAAS and Innovation
  • How Public Cloud Infrastructure Brings Net-New Security Challenges
  • How to Avoid the 5 Security Mistakes
  • The Five Nastiest Security Mistakes

Prevent the Five Nastiest Cloud Security Mistakes

If you aren’t applying security best practices, your public cloud may be exposed due to configuration mistakes.

Misconfiguration of the AWS cloud platform took the number one spot in this year’s AWS Cloud Security survey as the single biggest vulnerability to cloud security (62%).

Based on real-world experience and research, this white paper shares insights into five of the most dangerous and common IaaS configuration mistakes that could expose your public cloud computing environment to a worst-case security scenario.

Download our white paper, “The Five Nastiest Security Mistakes Exposing Public Cloud Infrastructure” to learn more about:

  • The specific weaknesses those configuration mistakes can create
  • How those weaknesses can be exploited
  • The potential impacts of being exploited
  • How to detect those weaknesses manually or through automation

Automate Security Visibility for IaaS Environments to Reduce Risk and Satisfy Regulatory Standards

The scale and speed of change in IaaS environments demands a continuous, automated approach – beyond the scope of legacy solutions.

Data breaches in early 2019 were already double all of last year, according to the latest breach barometer report from IT security firm Protenus.

In response, security visibility is now a top concern for enterprises hosting applications in public cloud infrastructure. But it still remains a challenge.

Listen to the recording of our cybersecurity webinar “How To Automate Security Visibility for IaaS Environments To Reduce Risk and Satisfy Regulatory Standards.”

In this webinar, learn about:

  • Why achieving security and compliance visibility is critical to protecting your public cloud infrastructure.
  • How IaaS environments have created net new security challenges requiring specific technical and operational needs.
  • How the right automation coupled with a “cloud-aligned” issue discovery and remediation process can create a highly efficient and effective process for securing your public cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Security Visibility is Now Mission-Critical

Protecting your public cloud infrastructure is more critical than ever.

Public cloud infrastructure has revolutionized the way we work—giving us the speed and agility to stay competitive. In fact, public cloud adoption reached 92% in 2018, up from 89% the year before, according to the RightScale State of the Cloud Survey.

Unfortunately, the same properties that make the dynamic environment so appealing often add complexity to security and compliance.

Your business depends on your digital footprint, so protecting your public cloud infrastructure is more critical than ever. That means choosing the right security solution is key.

If you’re readty o take a proactive approach to public cloud security, read our blog Cloud Security is Now Mission-Critical to learn more about:

  • The properties that make security challenging in IaaS
  • Three minimum requirements for an effective public cloud solution
  • Our public cloud infrastructure security checklist

Achieve Complete Security Visibility for
Public Cloud Environments

Take a proactive approach to public cloud security

Companies wanting to stay competitive are embracing the speed and agility of IaaS as the standard in business. In fact, public cloud adoption reached 92% in 2018, up from 89% the year before, according to the RightScale State of the Cloud Survey.

Anyone can set up public cloud infrastructure. With or without an IT team. That’s both good news–and bad.

Changes happen fast and often in public cloud infrastructure. Before you know it, you’ve got 1000s of assets. And no way effective to track them, much less secure them. So what’s the solution?

Download our “Achieving Complete Security and Compliance Visibility in Public Cloud Environments” white paper to learn about:

  • Why complete security visibility is mission critical
  • Why Iaas creates a challenging technical environment for security 
  • What the critical characteristics of a cloud security solution are  
  • How CloudPassage Halo addresses these critical requirements and gives you complete security and compliance visibility across your multi-cloud infrastructure.

Get a Free Cloud Security Assessment from CloudPassage

Get a complete Cloud Security Posture Assessment of your AWS or Azure cloud environment in 30 minutes for free: with CloudPassage.

  • Inventory all cloud assets
  • Scan for security and best practice violations
  • Get a summary of your cloud security posture

Get issue and remediation details prioritized by criticality.

CloudPassage is a security pioneer awarded the first-ever patents for universal cloud infrastructure security and is a leading innovator in cloud-asset visibility trusted by some of the biggest enterprises across numerous industries.

CloudPassage is a security pioneer awarded the first-ever patents for universal cloud infrastructure security and a leading cloud asset-visibility innovator trusted by some of the biggest enterprises across industries.

The best approach to cloud security is a proactive one. 

So to prevent a data breach, it is critical to have an automated system in place that can:

  • Alert you about the scariest, high-profile vulnerabilities in real time  
  • Produce insights on how you can take action to fix vulnerabilities immediately

This is where CloudPassage excels. 

Waiting until after a cloud security breach happens, could mean the end of your company, but without security automation, getting and keeping a handle on your public cloud infrastructure is virtually impossible. 

CloudPassage makes this process very fast, and very easy by utilizing automation within CloudPassage Halo. 

Let us show you how CloudPassageHalo can support your cloud security strategy.

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