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CloudPassage Unveils Results From Comprehensive LinkedIn Information Security Community Survey

First ever Cloud Security Spotlight Report highlights broad cloud adoption, and movement away from perimeter-based security models, towards workload security

SAN FRANCISCO , March 10, 2015

CloudPassage® today announced the results of the first ever LinkedIn Cloud Security Spotlight report, a survey of unprecedented scope that delivers new insights into the thinking, investments and challenges for IT security professionals working with cloud computing. Interested parties can download a free copy of the report here. The survey was issued to more than 250,000 members of LinkedIn’s Information Security Group and represents a broad cross section of company sizes, cloud adoption maturity and experiences. Key findings from the survey include:

  • 71% of all respondents are investing in cloud infrastructure
  • 77% of respondents are investing in public cloud services
  • 71% are investing in hybrid (mixed public and private) cloud models, making it the leading model for deploying cloud infrastructure
  • Despite this, security is still the biggest perceived barrier to further cloud computing adoption, with 90% of respondents indicating they have moderate to severe security concerns regarding their cloud deployments
  • 65% of respondents say that moving security focus to the workload, away from the perimeter, is at least somewhat effective
  • Many companies are now storing sensitive data in cloud environments
  • The number one method cited that will close the security gap for cloud computing is the ability to enforce consistent, continuous security policies.

“This cloud survey represents a first glimpse into exactly what types of concerns are keeping security professionals up at night,” said Holger Schulze, group founder of the Information Security Community on LinkedIn. “It’s clear from the survey results that a vast majority of organizations are investing aggressively in cloud computing technologies, while at the same time, have not figured out the complete security model to give them continuous, consistent protection in these environments.”

Cloud adoption is increasing quickly and organizations are looking to reduce IT cost, increase agility and better support business functions. However, this report clearly showcases a prevailing opinion among security professionals; that protecting cloud-based applications and systems remains a major concern and a critical barrier to faster adoption of cloud infrastructure.

“The results of the survey clearly show that a broad range of security professionals know what to do to in order to protect investments in cloud infrastructure: deploy continuous, consistent security policies,” said Carson Sweet, CEO and co-founder of CloudPassage. “CloudPassage delivers this kind of agile visibility and protection in a platform that is always on, works in any cloud infrastructure, at any scale.”

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