Press Release

CloudPassage Unveils Results of 2016 Survey of Information Security Community on LinkedIn

Annual Cloud Security Spotlight Report Highlights Need for Agile, On-Demand Security

San Francisco, CA , May 17, 2016

CloudPassage today released results of the 2016 Cloud Security Spotlight Report, a comprehensive survey fielded to more than 300,000 members of the Information Security Community on LinkedIn.  This is the second year of the survey, which delivers the latest insights into the thinking, investments and challenges for IT security professionals working with cloud environments. Interested parties can download a free copy of the report here.  More than 2,200 information security professionals representing a broad cross-section of company size and industry, cloud adoption maturity and experiences responded to the survey.

Key findings from the survey include:

  • The vast majority (84 percent) of information security professionals who responded to the report are dissatisfied with traditional security tools when applied to cloud infrastructure. They responded that traditional network security tools are somewhat ineffective (48 percent); are completely ineffective (11 percent); or can’t be measured for effectiveness (25 percent) in cloud environments.
  • An overwhelming majority (91 percent) are very (44 percent) or moderately (47 percent) concerned about public cloud security.
  • According to the respondents, the top three headaches for companies adopting cloud infrastructure are: verifying security policies (51 percent), visibility (49 percent) and compliance (37 percent).
  • Faster time to deployment (47 percent) is the No. 1 driver of cloud-based security solutions. Also making the top 10 list for cloud-based security solutions are: reduced effort around upgrades (No. 2), automation (No. 4), easy policy management (No. 5), better performance (No. 6) and protection focused on the workload/instance (No. 8).
  • When respondents were asked to state the impact of security on continuous development methods like DevOps, almost two-thirds (61 percent) stated that security slowed down (46 percent) or was ignored completely (15 percent) in the process.

“It’s clear that security has a profound impact on business transformation,” said Holger Schulze, founder of the 300,000-member Information Security Community on LinkedIn. “Scalable, cloud-based security delivered on-demand to automate a broad range of controls to provide visibility, compliance, micro-segmentation and speed of deployment can enable businesses to confidently leverage the competitive advantages of agile infrastructure.”

In addition to providing copies of the survey here, CloudPassage will host a live webinar at 11 a.m. PDT May 18.  Holger Schulze as well as Ram Krishnan, CloudPassage Chief Product Officer, will present the findings of the report, interpret the results and answer questions.  Register for the webinar here.
“As organizations adopt agile IT delivery models in order to continuously innovate and differentiate themselves, security becomes either a business inhibitor or a business enabler,” said Ram Krishnan, CloudPassage Chief Product Officer. “What’s needed to enable this transformation is on-demand, automated security that delivers a comprehensive set of controls right at the workload, no matter where it lives, in any combination of infrastructure models, at any scale. CISOs now have the opportunity to help their businesses leapfrog their competition.”
The Cloud Security Spotlight Report is based on the results of a comprehensive survey of security professionals across a broad range of organizations about their adoption of cloud computing and security-related concerns and practices.  The 2,200 respondents range from technical executives to managers to practitioners and represent organizations of varying sizes across many industries.