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CloudPassage Releases Next-Generation Security Analytics Engine

New Halo compute environment provides large enterprise security teams with major upgrades in security automation scalability, velocity, and efficiency

San Francisco , June 7, 2017

CloudPassage announced today the unveiling of their next-generation (NG) analytics engine, setting a new standard in architecture for highly elastic and scalable security analytics for Halo, its award-winning automated workload security platform. The NG grid enables the Halo platform to collect and analyze massive volumes of security and compliance data at incredible velocity and scale while providing a highly flexible service delivery platform for CloudPassage to roll out new releases and updates with greater speed and enhanced functionality. The Halo platform currently services approximately 2.8 billion workload security requests per month to automate security for Fortune 1000 and mid-enterprise users of cloud infrastructure, enabling them to align security with devops, continuous delivery, agile application development, and increasing levels of data center automation.

“As more enterprises move toward dynamic cloud systems for business-critical applications, high-performance automated security that delivers deep visibility and compliance at the speed and volume of cloud workload creation has never been more essential,” said Amit Gupta, Vice President of Product, CloudPassage. “The new infrastructure is designed for unlimited and automated scale. The next-generation compute engine will be an incredible boost to our internal operational efficiency, allowing us to deliver new features at a faster pace, while our customers will benefit from its improved resiliency, availability, and performance.”

Developed from the ground up to support the most demanding cloud-based customers, the Halo NG engine is fully automated, based on auto-scaling and auto-healing services built using Mesos and Docker. This enables CloudPassage to service increased loads both on-demand and dynamically in real time, thus improving critical response times to customers. A key aspect of the next-generation engine is its resiliency – critical for always-on compute environments. Featuring no single point of failure, the Halo’s compute engine can self-heal as problems arise, automatically bypassing or incorporating new hosts as needed to ensure continuous operation. Unlike self-hosted grid infrastructures used by competing products, Halo is a cloud-based SaaS that incorporates leading-edge infrastructure platforms and automation systems.

Additional details of the new generation grid are highlighted in this CloudPassage blog post.

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