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CloudPassage Moves Halo Cloud’s Fully-containerized Microservices Architecture to Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service

Third major evolution of platform architecture increases scalability, performance, and cost-efficiency for customers using the Halo cloud security and compliance platform

San Francisco, CA , September 1, 2020

CloudPassage, a recognized leader in cloud computing security and compliance, announced that it has migrated the fully-containerized microservices architecture of its Halo cloud security and compliance platform to the fully-managed Kubernetes service, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS). This allows Halo to take advantage of the enhanced services from Amazon Web Services (AWS) for networking, user identity, and automatically scaling up and down on-demand. By taking advantage of these AWS services, CloudPassage internal resources can focus on the innovations, new features, and flexible security policies that benefit customers of the Halo cloud security and compliance platform the most.

“We are committed to providing our customers with a highly performant cloud security platform while maintaining great economics,” said Zach Vickery, DevOps leader at CloudPassage. “By taking advantage of the operational efficiencies of AWS services, we are able to provide faster and better cloud security than our competitors—and at a better price point. This evolution of our platform enabled recent cost reductions that were passed directly to our customers.”

This move to Amazon EKS is another in a series of AWS services that CloudPassage has adopted to optimize performance, administration, and costs so that it can pass on the savings to its customers. The deep platform integration of Amazon EKS provides CloudPassage increased capability to monitor, scale, and load-balance its services. As a cloud-first company, CloudPassage is committed to continuing to use the best available technology to deliver its industry-leading platform.

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CloudPassage Halo is a unified cloud security platform that automates cloud computing security controls and compliance across servers, containers, and IaaS in any public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. Halo’s extensive automation capabilities streamline and accelerate workflows between InfoSec and DevOps.

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