Press Release

CloudPassage Granted Three Patents for Agile Security

Patents extend existing agent-based security model to include private clouds, bare metal servers and non-server devices

San Francisco, Calif. , August 25, 2015

CloudPassage today announced that it has been awarded three patents, to complement its 2011 foundational patent (U.S. No.8,412,945 B2) describing an agent-based, agile security model that provides visibility, protection and compliance for cloud-based infrastructure. The new patents extend the scope of the original patent to include private clouds, virtualized servers, bare metal servers and non-server devices, making CloudPassage the first company to obtain a U.S. patent for universal cloud infrastructure security.

“These new patents reflect our response to trends we are seeing in large enterprises that are adopting agile security for more than just cloud environments,” stated Carson Sweet, co-founder and chief strategy officer for CloudPassage. “Most companies will end up with mixed infrastructure (public, private, virtualized data centers) and are looking for security and compliance platforms that work seamlessly and continuously – everywhere, at any scale.”

CloudPassage® Halo® solves four major challenges enterprises face when adopting elastic infrastructure:

  • The dynamic nature of modern infrastructure makes it difficult for companies to have complete visibility into the security posture of their most critical applications and data. Within minutes of deploying Halo, customers gain instant, continuous visibility into their entire infrastructure, making it faster and easier to secure critical business assets and take action when unusual behavior is detected.
  • As companies adopt DevOps methods to accelerate development and improve quality, traditional security approaches typically can’t keep up. CloudPassage enables security to be baked into a DevOps continuous delivery approach, ensuring that new workloads are protected from the start, empowering security teams to move at DevOps speed.
  • With cloud computing, there is no perimeter; therefore traditional network security tools fall short in these environments. Halo extends network security by providing layers of protection right where it counts: at the workload. This gives enterprises the ability to detect east-west traffic and protect against lateral movement of threats.
  • Although compliance is more essential than ever, it remains largely a set of manual processes. CloudPassage Halo enables GRC teams to automate compliance, streamline processes, save money and ensure compliance in motion.