Press Release

CloudPassage Granted Patent for Security in the Cloud

Invention drawing on botnet technologies raises the bar on cloud security capabilities

San Francisco, Calif. , June 4, 2013

CloudPassage®, the leading cloud infrastructure security provider, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded the company a patent (U.S. No.8,412,945 B2) for its unique, botnet-derived methods of implementing completely portable security across all types of cloud infrastructure environments. CloudPassage is the first company to obtain a U.S. patent for universal cloud infrastructure security.

The company’s innovation leverages years of experience dissecting and analyzing massive botnets used for phishing and other attacks against large enterprises. The 65-claim patent further establishes CloudPassage as the leader in protecting cloud businesses such as RightScale and

“For technology-driven enterprises to remain competitive, adoption of cloud infrastructure is a must, but security and compliance remain major technical hurdles,” said Carson Sweet, CEO and co-founder, CloudPassage. “Botnets are designed as robust, massively distributed architectures that work nearly anywhere with low impact to the devices they control. These same principles apply perfectly to securing massively distributed cloud infrastructure, so we applied them when creating the Halo architecture.”

The innovative framework allows security operators to manage thousands of infrastructure systems from a single point, regardless of their location in data centers or public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services or Rackspace. The complete portability of the architecture allows automation of traditional hardware devices as well as virtualized and cloud systems.

A truly distributed computing model for security management, the framework utilizes a centralized command and control (C&C) center to coordinate actions across agents that are self-healing and maintain constant connection to the C&C, ensuring continuous protection. The C&C systems are coupled with an elastic compute grid that drives security analytics based on centrally managed policies and commands. The compute grid delivers over 95% of the cycles needed to continuously monitor and respond to infrastructure security state and events. This eliminates heavy taxing of CPU, memory and I/O resources that would otherwise be consumed on each individual system.

“The highly-distributed and automated nature of CloudPassage’s architecture is truly unique and delivers significant benefits to us when it comes to avoiding the penalties of performing security analytics and compliance updates on individual systems,” said Phil Cox, director of security and compliance, RightScale. “With Halo, we are able to easily keep our cloud infrastructure resources resilient and agile while delivering critical security and compliance through a single control center.”