Unique Halo Benefits

Halo provides cloud security platform benefits that make it rise above the rest. Halo meets your needs now and in the future, delivers a low TCO and high ROI, secures with breadth and depth, eliminates manual effort to free staff time, is easy to manage, and improves operational and financial efficiency.

Address Urgent Challenges Now ​

And be ready for future needs

With Halo, you’ll quickly address urgent needs and will be prepared for ongoing demands. Ensure cloud computing security success now and in the future with all its benefits.

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Get a handle on cloud assets and exposures quickly

In the early stages of cloud computing adoption, enterprise infosec teams often struggle with visibility into assets and risk posture—blindsided by the discovery of corporate assets already operating in the cloud.

Halo’s fast setup time, pre-built policy templates, and detailed remediation advice enable you to get a handle on cloud assets and exposures quickly.

Address rapidly emerging cloud security needs

As cloud adoption scales up, additional security requirements and operational velocity will increase quickly. 

  • New technologies like containers, serverless, and microservice architectures will appear.
  • The number and size of cloud environments will grow.

Halo’s transparent scalability and comprehensive capabilities give you the ability to prevent security from impeding progress.

Get the Best TCO and ROI from Your Cloud Computing Security Investment

With Halo's flexible licensing model

Halo offers the most competitive pricing and flexible licensing among cloud security platforms in its class. Pay only for what you need based on actual usage, regardless of where that usage happens to be.

License by Security Service Units (SSUs)

  • SSU for servers and Docker hosts is one hour of server or host operation
  • SSU for IaaS is one cloud service provider accounts


  • When usage is predictable, pre-pay for reserved SSUs
  • When usage is unclear, on-demand SSUs address autoscaling, seasonal scale-up, and other spike events

Start with

If you’re not ready to commit—or have a short-term need—subscribe to Halo Professional through the AWS Marketplace and manage your costs with Amazon invoicing and billing.

Get the Breadth and Depth Cloud Computing Security Demands

With Halo's detailed single source of truth

Cloud computing security intelligence needs breadth, depth, and automation to be effective.

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Gain deeper, more actionable cloud security intelligence 

Successful security management is about more than IP addresses, scan findings, and log records. Halo delivers detailed security information—in context—formatted to support effective action by information security professionals and automation alike.


Automate with JSON

In addition to human-readable formats, every piece of data in the Halo platform is available in JSON format, ready to feed into security automation processes. Raw data collected during inventory, assessment, and monitoring activities is available for security operators for detailed review.

Understand with Extremely Granular Detail

Gone are the days of hunting for details that legacy vulnerability scanners can’t provide without unnatural acts. Halo delivers extremely granular detail on all cloud asset factors that security operators need, and provides them in a format that is easily automatable.

Support cloud assets no matter their form or location

Halo transparently supports IaaS services, containers, and servers in cloud, data center, and hybrid environments. This is critical as cloud computing adoption builds momentum, because once the benefits are realized, cloud will go viral—and you need to be able to handle whatever comes next.

Eliminate Manual Effort and Free up Staff Time

And make big strides towards DevSecOps

Many security tools are designed for “cockpit” style operation, assuming that staff resources are unlimited—while limiting cloud security platform benefits—but not Halo. Experienced security practitioners know that automation is critical to DevSecOps. In the real world of cloud computing, REST APIs are central to success—not manual interactions with a user interface.

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Automate Workflows with Halo REST API

Halo was designed with an automation-first philosophy, specifically for the high-speed and dynamic cloud environment. Every feature in the Halo platform is exposed through the Halo REST API first, and only then is the UI built on top of that API.

Save Precious Security Staff Time and Effort

Not a single Halo customer has needed to add staffing to deploy, operate, and gain deep value from the Halo cloud security platform. Most manage the Halo platform with ¼ to ½ an FTE, meaning precious staff hours are recovered from menial administrative efforts.

Manage with Ease​

With Halo's superior approach to cloud security

Halo was designed by real-world information security and DevOps practitioners to deliver unparalleled cloud security platform benefits, making it much easier to manage than products repurposed for the cloud. Halo provides many features to make IaaS, server, and container deployments faster and easier to set up and maintain.

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Easy to deploy and maintain microagents

Halo’s patented microagent architecture is compact, efficient, and low maintenance. Halo has only two agentsone for Windows-based kernels, and one for Linux-based kernels that only consume around 2 MB in memory. 

  • No multiple versions of agents for each operating system distribution
  • No 1 GB of memory agents that require excessive system resources
  • No having to update multiple agents 10 to 15 times per year  
  • No extensive support from system owners

No additional components, complexity, or hidden costs

  • No additional components to buy, deploy, and maintain
  • No collectors and aggregators required to scale
  • No additional scanning appliances needed to ensure accurate or complete operation
  • No additional licensing of third-party software and data feeds, all of which are included with Halo
  • No network configuration changes required to operate

Improve Operational and Financial Efficiency with the Cloud

And compete in the digital economy

Halo provides infrastructure, application, and security operations teams with the visibility and control they need to secure dynamic cloud environments and experience significant cloud security platform benefits.

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  • Supports elasticity, scalability, on-demand provisioning, and automation-first—key financial benefits of cloud computing
  • Creates a ready-for-cloud security strategy while protecting current infrastructure and security investments

Unique distributed architecture

  • Minimizes load on protected servers, containers, and other cloud assets with its small 2MB microagent footprint
  • Eliminates the “security tax” that drives additional cost of primary computing resources in addition to product licensing.

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