Case study: Xero chooses Halo for workload security at DevOps speed

Xero is easy-to-use online accounting software for small businesses and their advisors. With over 850,000 subscribers in 180 countries (and growing), it was time to select a security solution for their expanding organization. Xero chose Halo to protect their workloads running in their AWS EC2 environment and to help them meet compliance requirements. They chose Halo because it is highly automated, integrates with their rapid DevOps production pipeline, and provides a broad range of important security controls that are essential to the business.

After a few years of rapid growth, Xero began to look for tools that would support the business as it continued to expand. When looking for security solutions, Xero looked for:

  • Rapid scalability
  • Fast infrastructure deployment
  • Automation

When looking for elasticity, the company realized that moving from a private data center to a public cloud environment (like AWS) would resolve any concerns about scalability and infrastructure deployment. But there was still an issue with finding automated security – this is where CloudPassage Halo came into play.

With Halo’s instant scalability, full API access, SIEM integration, DevOps & CICD tools integration, and its broad range of security controls, Xero was able to automate a number of steps in the DevOps cycle and achieve key competitive, strategic advantages.

Click here to read the full case study, including detailed insights from Xero’s lead security architect, Aaron McKeown.

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