Welcome to the revolution

This is an extremely exciting time to be in the computer security industry. Why? Because we are on the cusp of a disruptive change unlike anything we have seen in 20 years.

Hybrid cloud is not a commodity product like a switch, a protocol or a new piece of software. Hybrid cloud redefines our core architecture, on par with transitioning from mainframes to desktop PCs. It requires us to rethink how we manage resources, as well as how we secure them. For those with as much gray hair as myself, you may remember that when we switched from mainframes to PCs, we were able to use our existing security best practices as a starting template, but pretty much everything else changed. We saw a breath of new products and deployment solutions.

A couple of terms I will be using to help keep the transitions straight:

  • Generation 1 architecture (Gen1) – Primarily uses the dumb terminal/mainframe model of networking.
  • Generation 2 architecture (Gen2) – Primarily uses the client/server model. This consists of stand alone PCs with a single OS dedicated to desktop or server based duties. Model also includes a bit of virtualization in order to deploy private IaaS clouds.
  • Generation 3 architecture (Gen3) – Leverages IaaS, PaaS and SaaS in both public and private locations. Workloads are free to migrate between locations as requirements change.

Over the next few posts I’ll sketch out why I think we are already transitioning to Gen3 and why the changes will be so disruptive. In the mean time, check out this IDC keynote.

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