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Cloud computing technologies are among the most disruptive innovations we’ve seen since the Internet. We’re watching an incredible market ecosystem evolve and a unique community growing rapidly around cloud.

We’re excited to be on the leading edge of cloud security, a space that will hold the keys to unlocking the value and power of cloud. Unfortunately the noise level can be deafening to technologists examining cloud and cloud security, and it’s our goal to make real, practical intelligence available in this forum.

We are stalwart believers in community and knowledge-sharing. To that end, what you’ll find here will include postings on real technical cloud security issues, approaches, solutions and opinions. We think that practical strategies and real-world technical solutions are the way to real and sustainable security and compliance, so we’re striving to keep it real, technical and practicable.

We also hope to hear back from the community. We have much to learn from one another, and lots of collaboration is still needed to solidify cloud security practices and methods. So please sound off if you have opinions, ideas or feedback. We’re listening.

For now, stay tuned. Our team will be posting interesting, useful and sometimes conversation-sparking content directly.

As always, thanks for your support of CloudPassage.

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