Podcast: Why traditional security tools don’t cut it in cloud

Enterprises are on the move. There’s a massive transformation of enterprise IT from old-school data centers to modern, dynamic compute models. These models are based on fundamentals like shared resources, automation, portability and almost limitless scalability.

So how are you supposed to handle security and compliance in this new world?

At first, most companies turn to their traditional security tools. But what they quickly find is that these tools were architected in a world where rates of change are slow, control is centralized, IP addresses are fixed, appliances rule the day and there’s a well-defined perimeter. Not any more. Trying to force fit the old into the new isn’t working; this leaves holes in visibility and protection, slows down performance and adds manual effort to an already overloaded security team.

So what’s the answer? In this recorded interview with Amrit Williams, CTO of CloudPassage, he discusses:

  • How traditional security tools hamper business agility
  • How to gain visibility across the new infrastructure
  • Technical and cultural hurdles to overcome as organizations transition away from old tools.

Mr. Williams should know. He has more than 20 years of experience in information technology and security at companies like Big Fix, IBM and McAfee. Not only that, he was a research director at Gartner covering the information security space.

Click here to listen to the podcast interview.

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