Survey results: 2016 Cloud Security Spotlight report

On Tuesday we announced results of the 2016 Cloud Security Spotlight report, which gathered intel from more than 300,000 members of the Information Security Community on LinkedIn. Participants in the survey were professionals from a broad range of organizations and questions were focused on participants’ adoption of cloud computing and security-related concerns. The survey also covered their organization’s current security practices and plans toward adopting agile IT.

cloud security adoptionCorporate information stored in the cloud

The extensive report covers three major categories prevalent to information security professionals today, including cloud adoption trends, cloud security challenges, and cloud security solutions.

cloud security adoptionThe most deployed workloads in the cloud

Key findings include:

  • 84% of information security professionals who responded to the report are dissatisfied with traditional security tools when applied to cloud infrastructure
    • 48% believe traditional network security tools are somewhat ineffective, 11% think they are completely ineffective, and 25% believe they can’t be measured for effectiveness in cloud environments
  • 91% of respondents are very (44%) or moderately (47%) concerned about public cloud security
  • The top 3 headaches for companies adopting cloud infrastructure
    • Verifying security policies (51%)
    • Visibility (49%)
    • Compliance (37%)
  • 47% say faster time to deployment is the #1 driver of cloud-based security solutions
  • 61% stated that security slowed down (46%) or was ignored completely (15%) in the DevOps process

Click here to read the report and see full survey results.

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