Webinar: “Integrating Security into DevOps: Automation is your only hope” webinar resources

In last Thursday’s webinar “Integrating Security into DevOps”, Rand Wacker and Tatiana Slater had an interactive presentation where we learned about some of the attendee’s concerns around securing applications in their  infrastructure, as well as where the responsibilities lie within their organization.If you’d like to view or download the slides for this security for devops webinar, click here.

In the webinar, the presenters delved into:

  • How security and compliance controls can be easily deployed in your application stack to simplify provisioning, enable self-service, and ensure consistent security controls across any environment.

  • How to use tools like Halo to provide visibility and control for your security team across your dynamic infrastructure, no matter where it is hosted.

  • How Halo and the open source projects in our API Toolbox can help you extend existing security investments to cloud infrastructure and enable new security capabilities in your organization.


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