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If you’re a Halo user, you may be familiar with our support resources page, where you can find our documentation, Getting Started Guide, and support ticketing.  As we’ve grown as a company, and Halo has developed as a product, we’ve continued to add links to this page for all of the new documentation and support content we’ve generated – however, we didn’t make any fundamental changes until this release.

In our October release of Halo, we redesigned our support resources page to make it both simpler and more useful.

Before redesign:

After redesign:

The first difference you may notice is that the new page is in the form of a pop-up – we have done this so you can search for help while maintaining your place in whatever you were doing in the portal – you don’t have to navigate away from the task at-hand.

Secondly, we have migrated our documentation and support resources to a shared database so you can search or browse both at the same time – when you’re looking for an answer to a question, we want you to have all resources available to you.  We carefully curate and label the content in our support forums to ensure that when you search, you always get the most relevant answers to your questions.

Finally, you are able to search our integrated support site directly from the popup in your Halo Portal – no need to navigate to a different site just to check if your answer is available.  You can search for top support articles and file a new support ticket from the same place, streamlining the process of getting answers to your questions.

We hope you enjoy these changes to our support resources page!  Please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions – we want our support tools to work well for your needs, and we can only do that if we know what those needs are.


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