The Power of Policies: A 3-minute video

Achieving enterprise-wide visibility into the security posture of all your workloads used to be an impossible task. Now, it is not only possible, but it can be done easily and quickly, no matter where the workloads reside. CloudPassage research teams build and maintain policies with templates that are based on the Center for Internet Security Benchmarks along with industry best practices.

In this 3-minute video, we show how you can apply critical controls across a range of servers at a large scale, including configuration security, file integrity monitoring, and log-based intrusion detection using the customizable templates within the Halo® platform.

After applying controls and settings, automate scans or manually launch them and instantly verify that all servers are compliant. Or, alternatively, instantly be able to investigate the problematic servers.

The Power of Policies | CloudPassage Halo from CloudPassage.

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