A next-generation security analytics engine is available for CloudPassage: what this means for customers

Today we’re officially announcing the release of the CloudPassage new generation (NG) analytics engine, and at the risk of engaging in a little hyperbole, setting a new standard in architecture for highly elastic and scalable multi-host security. Those same grids that power SaaS solutions such as Salesforce, Box, Zuora, power our own Halo. While our old grid was perfectly adequate – delivering award-winning performance and user satisfaction for several years, the NG grid enables the Halo platform to collect and analyze massive volumes of security and compliance data at incredible velocity and scale while providing a highly flexible service delivery platform for us  to roll out new releases and updates with more frequency and increased functionality. NG analytics engine also includes modern automation tools such as Mesosphere and Kubernetes that just weren’t available when we built the first grid.

While we’ve made major changes to the Halo interface, (many of which are discussed in previous posts) this change to our underlying infrastructure is probably the most significant.

The NG analytics engine is designed to fully deliver on these critical attributes:

  • Scalability
  • Availability / stability
  • Engineering velocity
  • Operational efficiency

Essentially the new analytics engine provides unlimited and automated scale, allowing for no single point of failure, and it self-heals when problems arise.

For Halo users, you’ll also benefit from more granular security within the analytics engine including full encryption, continuous infrastructure patching/replacement and Route53 DNS. Not to mention the new analytics engine elegantly handles dynamic scaling and movement of resources that may happen as demand changes. And rather than being self-hosted like competing security products, the CloudPassage NG analytics engine runs on Amazon AWS so capacity and scale will never be constrained.

All in all, customers will notice the improved resiliency, availability and uptime provided by this new grid.

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