The Myth of the Clean Cut-Over and Security

I bet you’ve heard that cloud services provide the agility business needs to innovate. But in a recent study cloud computing could also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 95%. So the move is good for business and a smart investment in sustainable technology. But with any move there is always the problem of navigating a clean cut-over.  That leaves many of us dealing with diverse environments and the security and compliance issues that they present.

We celebrate Earth Day with the acknowledgment that we need to conserve our limited resources. Energy consumption and the growth of IT has put pressure on business to fulfill computing requirements in order to grow. The energy costs associated with datacenters dissuade businesses from continually building.  A Cisco study shows data center workloads will grow about two-fold while cloud workloads will grow almost four-fold. Enterprises will continue to grow both types of workloads and will need to consider the security and compliance across them all.

Moving to the cloud is not without its own dilemma. Cost cuts across the major providers have made some wonder if cloud is becoming a commodity.  Some cloud customers can find themselves in environments that Amazon now calls previous generation instances. Live migration is starting to become a cloud differentiator. Giving business an easy path to utilize the most efficient computing instances as they become available. This only relates to the optimized computing and storage options. For the security of the workload itself is something that is the sole responsibility of the buyer.

So the cut-over continues to be messy. Coordination will be critical whether going from traditional data center to the cloud or the move to the next cloud instance.  Good timing for scalable security. Protection will be needed for public, private, hybrid, traditional datacenters to even the server sitting under your desk.  The next frontier for resource conservation will be reducing the overhead, cpu and memory for security within the workloads.  Wondering how this might work for your business? We have a free trial allowing you to experience the difference with Halo.

Will you have the right tools to drive higher security awareness across all environments? Cutting over shouldn’t change your security options. Sustainable compliance and security policy management should be accessible regardless of where your workloads are sourced.

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