Managing the Emotional Risk of the Cloud (RSA 2016)

Guest blog by David Spark, Spark Media Solutions

“I think the risk [of the cloud] really is an emotional one. Many people just do not like the idea of putting something outside of their own four walls. And they have a real emotional block to doing something like that,” said Thom Langford (@thomlangford), CISO, Publicis Groupe in our conversation at the2016 RSA Conference in San Francisco. “I think everybody within the industry talks about how the cloud will save money… It doesn’t always talk about actually how it will benefit the business in the sense of lower levels of risk. How it will benefit the business in terms of better manageability, better e-discovery should the time come, better disaster recovery and business continuity.”

Unfortunately, emotional fear often takes precedence over all of those benefits. For many, the cloud has been branded as a ‘bad thing,’ and if they use it they’re losing control, added Langford. Holding onto that emotional risk can be detrimental to the business. The business needs to be educated about all the risks.

Langford educates his group by comparing risks. Here’s what your risk is now and here’s what it would look like after a move to the cloud.

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