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LinkedIn Cloud Security Report shows increased cloud security interest / concern

If you like data and trend reporting as much as we do, you’re going to love the LinkedIn Cloud Security Report. This annual report – which explores how organizations are responding to the security threats in the cloud, along with what tools and best practices cybersecurity leaders are considering in their move to the cloud – has been produced by the 400,000 member Information Security Community on LinkedIn, in partnership with Cybersecurity Insiders.

The key findings of this report include:

  • Cloud security concerns –  Cloud adoption continues to grow, and so do cloud security concerns. Nine out of ten cybersecurity professionals report that they’re concerned about cloud security, up 11% from last year’s cloud security survey.
  • Biggest threats to cloud security –  At 62%, misconfiguration of cloud platforms is now considered to be the single largest threat to cloud security. This is followed by unauthorized access through misuse of employee credentials and improper access controls (55%), and insecure interfaces/APIs (50%).
  • Cloud security headaches – Cybersecurity professionals are increasingly realizing that there are distinct challenges when it comes to protecting cloud workloads. The top 3 security control challenges include: visibility into infrastructure security (43%), compliance (38%), and setting consistent security policies across cloud and on-premises environments (35%).
  • Legacy security tools limited in the cloud – Only 16% of those surveyed consider traditional security tools to be sufficient for managing security across the cloud. 84 of those surveyed believe that traditional security solutions either don’t work at all in cloud environments, or have only limited functionality.
  • Paths to stronger cloud security – Once again, training and certification of current IT staff (57%) ranks as the most popular path to meet evolving security needs. 50% of respondents use their cloud provider’s security tools and 35% deploy third-party security software to ensure the proper cloud security controls are implemented.
  • Cloud security budgets – Looking ahead, 49% of organizations expect cloud security budgets to go up, with a median budget increase of 28%.

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