Being lean doesn’t mean you have to be insecure

The Lean Startup Conference continues today at the InterContinental San Francisco and amidst all the talk about ‘pivoting’ and ‘getting to market fast’ we at CloudPassage would like to remind you that being lean doesn’t mean that you have to build, deploy, and present your products in an insecure manner. The methodology, coined by Eric Ries, aims to change the way that companies are built with am emphasis on speed, customer feedback, continuous deployment, and perhaps the most overused buzzword within a coffee shop in San Francisco, pivoting (i.e. if the approach isn’t working, change before it’s too late).

 Having read the book and even attended a talk or two presented by Ries, one item that lacks coverage by his methodology, even anecdotally, is the process of securing your servers, product, code, and customer data. Perhaps Ries leaves this open to interpretation but we at CloudPassage want to make sure that there are tools available to help protect your growth from idea to lean startup to lasting business.

CloudPassage Halo is built to secure your servers, applications, and data from the moment you start your cloud server instance. Using CloudPassage Halo you can securely streamline your continuous development and deployment methodologies without interfering with your lean goals. Our open and bi-directional API facilitate easy integration with third-party tools to help you securely provision, migrate, and get your product to market fast and secure – not fast or secure.

Halo provides comprehensive security for your cloud servers with purpose-built cloud security tools like: firewall automation, vulnerability assessment, multi-factor authentication, and file integrity monitoring.

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